Winsor Pilates
Winsor Pilates

Winsor Pilates
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Pilates is one of the hottest fitness trends in America.
Why? Because it works!

Winsor PilatesOriginally, developed by Joseph Pilates nearly a century ago, Mari Winsor has taken his time-honored approach to fitness to a whole new level. Her unique Winsor Pilates program is designed to tone and sculpt your entire body and help you lose weight, all at the same time. The key is Mari's exclusive dynamic sequencing - a special combination of controlled movements that's guaranteed to shape and sculpt long, lean muscles. Mari's sought after by some of the biggest stars in Hollywood to help them quickly transform their bodies and achieve incredible results. Winsor Pilates has worked for Mari's clients and we're sure it will work for you too! Winsor Pilates
  • "Basics" video: A step-by-step guide to Mari's most effective body sculpting moves featuring 'virtual 3-D training'. It's the next best thing to having Mari right in the room with you. (approximate running time: 30 minutes)
  • "20 Minute Workout" video: A no-nonsense workout for when you're tight on time. (approximate running time: 20 Minutes)
  • The Winsor Dozen: A portable exercise guide so you can follow Mari's program and stay on track when traveling or don't have access to a VCR.
  • Sculpting Journal: A day-by-day motivational system that's customized to your needs and will help you track your progress and get faster results.
Bonuses! - a $40.00 value
  • Accelerated Body Sculpting video: A more intense complete total body workout designed to get you results quickly. (approximate running time: 50 minutes)
  • The Win-in-10 Meal plan: A sensible eating plan to help you lose weight without starving yourself.

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